Women's All Day Retreat

Sat, January 21, 2017

The Bride of Christ and the Feasts of the Lord: An invitation to a deeper relationship as the Bride of Christ. We will learn how the Lord redeemed and came into covenant with the people of Israel. How He wove the marriage process and customs of Israel with the Feasts of the Lord. We will discover and see this beautiful picture in our own lives as the Bride of Christ. 

We will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Deborah Barce will teach on the Bride of Christ. There will be a craft and a wonderful movie "One night with the king". Most of all there will be down time throughout the day. 

Where: The Blessing House
Time: 8:45am - 8:30pm
Cost: $20

For more details please contact 
Gail Berger- bergsg1@gmail.com or 
DeborahBarce- Restingonhisword@hotmail.com