Waterbrooke Night at Love Twin Cities on June 24

Fri, June 24, 2016

Waterbrooke is partnering with the city-wide church during Love Twin Cities and we've designated Friday evening, June 24 as Waterbrooke night! Rather than signing up for separate times during the 7 day outreach that's coupled with 24/7 prayer + worship, we thought it would be fun if our congregation signed up for the same date and time.

If you've never shared the gospel with someone or have never shared your faith story with a stranger this would be a great way to practically learn how to do that alongside seasoned messengers.

You'll get trained before the outreach and then you'll have the opportunity to apply it during Love Twin Cities. Your first step is to register for the outreach by click on the GO tab at www.lovetc247.com.

Then let Carrie Robaina know you signed up and she'll send you more specific details about Waterbrooke's plans. She can be reached at carrierobaina@gmail.com or 952.393.0966.