Sermon March 22, 2015 ~ "How's That Working For You So Far?"

There are only 6 Sundays left in my time here and two of those Sundays are Palm Sunday and Easter. 

In the remaining 4, I want to address the Challenges facing the Church in the coming age.  If you haven’t noticed our culture seems to be changing faster and faster and if the church hopes to remain relevant we will have to change as well.  Certainly, the message does not change, Jesus Christ is very simply the Hope of the World. 

However, we must take a hard look at our delivery of that message and our witness as His ambassadors.  The first challenge I will address this Sunday is the rapidly changing view of our human sexuality.  In the last 50 years  our views on this subject matter have changed dramatically, both inside and outside of the church walls.  There are no easy answers as looking into the future is never simple.  My hope isn’t to have the right answers, but simply to help us ask the right questions.  If we are asleep at the switch, tremendous opportunities will be missed and souls will be lost.  By Pastor Bill