Sermon July 12, 2015 ~ In the Grip of His Glory Part 1 by Pastor Kevin Dibbley

Welcome to Pastor Kevin Dibbley. 

His first Sunday with us is this Sunday, July 12th.  This week’s sermon will be about:  Three men, all possessing notable flaws, experience remarkable personal transformation as God places His holy call upon their lives.  What enabled a guilt-racked, reluctant murderer, a self-righteous religious zealot, and a man-fearing, save-yourself-first coward, to become committed, humble, persevering servants of God when called to live for the Lord in circumstances far beyond their abilities? They were all captured by a passionate hunger for a deeper, more profound encounter with the God of glory. Join us over the next three Sundays as we study: In the Grip of His Glory: How a passion for God powerfully changes the people of God.