"Brought Near by the Blood" by Pastor Kevin Dibbley

As we enter 2016, it is a critical time for Waterbrooke Church to remember and to reinforce with joyfulness and extreme clarity who we are and why we exist. We live in a day and age where there is enormous pressure to minimize distinctions. Especially when it comes to religion and with fears of radical extremism everywhere, the mantra of the day is that we really are at the core, all the same.

Unfortunately, that message is failing precisely because people aren’t blind and ignorant. As Christians, we know that in the Bible there is a claim to the exclusivity of Christ as Lord and Savior of all people. What we must remind ourselves is that this Biblical clarity is God’s divine mechanism for unifying diverse peoples in joyful oneness.

The only thing that has the power to reconcile peoples to God and to one another, and to truly celebrate racial and cultural diversity, is the cross of Jesus Christ. Come this Sunday and we won’t just study this glorious truth. We are going to celebrate it!