Sermon January 18, 2015 - By Pastor Bill Bonner

This week we will continue our study of Matthew’s Gospel.  We will look at verses 23-27 of chapter 8.  This is a somewhat familiar passage in which Jesus and the Disciples are crossing the Sea of Galilee from Capernaum on it’s northern shore to an area called Gadara off the Southeastern shore.  Somewhere in route a serious storm occurs and it is serious enough as to be life threatening.  The Disciples fear for their well being while Jesus sleeps soundly in the front of the boat.  These men had encountered such storms before in their work as fishermen on this Sea.  What was it about this storm that created such fear in them?  How did Jesus sleep through such a tumultuous outbreak and what can we learn from this odd passage?  Read it over thinking about where they had come from and see what you think?

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