Sermon February 15, 2015 ~ "Only The Sick Need A Doctor"


This week we continue Chapter 9, (vs. 1-13) in which Jesus heals a paralytic whose friends exhibited great faith and industry getting him before Jesus as well as the calling of Matthew from his tax collecting booth into service as an apostle.  This week we will concentrate on Matthew.  In the first story, the healing was of a physical nature.  While Matthew is in good health, he has a serious character issue.  This man probably, from the priestly line of the Levites, is serving as a tax collector for the Roman government.  Hated by his own people, the Jews, and thought of essentially as a traitor, Matthew is well off monetarily, but is desperately lacking spiritually.  Matthew invites Jesus to his home for dinner much to the surprise of the Religious leaders who considered both Matthew and his friends as unsavory characters.  Yet we find in this passage one of the great principles of the New Testament.  We see that it was characters like Matthew and his friends that Jesus came to save.  Read this section and you’ll see that it offers hope for all.


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