"Praying with the Psalms" Part 2 by Pastor Kevin Dibbley ~ August 16, 2015

Join us this Sunday, as we continue in our study on Praying with the Psalms. This week’s study is entitled “Deep and Wide: Forgiveness vs. Flippancy” and it is a study on how to pray for God’s forgiveness using Psalm 130. One of the reasons that praying can be difficult is guilt. Have you ever found yourself struggling to pray because of guilt or shame? In our culture, guilt is seen as unnecessary and unhealthy. Even as Christians, we can be flippant about our sin because we know God forgives sin. This may be why God seems distant and our prayer life sometimes feels shallow. Let’s learn to pray in such a way that forgiveness leads to deep adoration and reverence for Christ. That’s our focus in God’s Word this Sunday. Come and worship.