Crossroads: A Step-By-Step Guide Away From Addictions

Fri, September 28, 20127:00 PM

Addictions are the behaviors that run and ruin our lives. They can be en-functional, that is behaviors the world admires or dysfunctional, behaviors the world condemns. At their root, they are all idolatry – using created things to try and get our identity or make life “work” for us instead of God. This 12-week course will go through the workbook “Crossroads: a step-by-step guide away from addictions” by Edward T. Welch. This workbook consists of 10 steps under 3 broad categories: Take an Honest Look at Yourself ( 4 steps) ; Take an Honest Look at God (2 steps) ; Take the Right Path(4 steps) Since December 2009, I have worked every day with 120 guys struggling with chemical addictions (It’s like having 120 teenagers!). In that short time, I would have to say that God has taught me more about Himself and the human condition than I learned from attending Bible-believing churches for 30 years. Teacher: Tim Graff, Intake Coordinator at the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center.