"Biblical Clarity in an Age of Moral Confusion" By Pastor Kevin Dibbley

This Sunday, our message will be called "Biblical Clarity in an Age of Moral Confusion". Most of us realize that the culture in which we live has experienced a seismic moral shift. Not only have the standards of morality with regard to decency and sexuality changed dramatically, but the pressure to conform is enormous. From the court rooms to the classrooms to the concert stadiums, public pressure is upon all citizens to capitulate or to be publicly castigated and cut off from society. Many Christians have found themselves questioning or struggling with long held ethical and behavioral practices. What we need to be reminded is that this is not a new issue. Neither is it a confusing one. The Bible is calm and clear. I was going to call this message, Keep Calm and Carry On. Come as we look at this together at how the church exists to be a clearly contrasting kingdom in a world that is rushing headlong into calamity.