A Passion for Oneness (part 6) “Gospel Wisdom: How Clarity about Eternity Changes Life Now.” by Pastor Kevin Dibbley

Have you ever heard someone say these words: “He is so heavenly-minded that he is no earthly good?” Maybe, you have said them yourself. The thought is that some people are so “spiritual”, so “religious”, that they are practically useless. They can talk “Christianese” but they don’t know how to live in the here and now. They can’t seem to get their heads out of the clouds. This Sunday, in our study of the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, we are going to see that the opposite ought to be the case. I have entitled the message: “Gospel Wisdom: How Clarity about Eternity Changes Life Now.” In the gospel, God has given us an unshakeable hope for the future. This knowledge is meant to make us wise. Come let’s consider how the Bible teaches us how to be so heavenly-minded that we might actually do some earthly good.