A Passion for Oneness (part 5) “Freedom and Forgiveness: The Purchase of Blood” by Pastor Kevin Dibbley

Regularly, we hear stories of people being released from prison after wrongful convictions. Some new piece of evidence, usually DNA, has exonerated them. The television cameras capture the moment that the newly freed prisoner steps out into the fresh air.   They pause. They soak in the sunlight. They begin to publicly thank those that worked to secure their freedom. This Sunday, we are going to celebrate the message of the gospel. The gospel is a declaration of freedom. Yet, the story is very different. We go free not because we have been found innocent. We go free because of the cross of Jesus Christ. Come and let us rejoice together in the message of Christ’s work on our behalf. Let’s step into the sunlight of forgiving grace and praise Him who has worked on our behalf to secure our release. I am calling this week’s sermon: “Freedom and Forgiveness: The Purchase of Blood”.

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