A Passion for Oneness ( part 1) "How the Church Displays The Glory of God to the World" by Pastor Kevin Dibbley

In a day and age when many people consider the church either irrelevant or irretrievably broken, the epistle to the Ephesians makes something urgently clear: The church is God’s chosen means of displaying the transforming and unifying power of the message of the cross. The church is not a side project of God. It is not His part time interest. The church is God’s main project. To dispense with the church is to abandon the cause of Christ.

Is the church weak, troubled, messy and in need of much grace? Of course it is – and God loves her, bought her, and has made it His aim to present her spotless in His presence. Friends, if you are a Christian, then you are His church. We are His church, together! God is not indifferent to us. He delights in us. He is devoted to us. When it comes to what we are becoming, God is “all in”! God has a great plan to reveal His glory to us and, amazingly, through us. That last part is crucial. God’s purpose is to display His glory to the world through His people, the church. What He is doing in our lives is ultimately what He intends to do with all things in heaven and earth – He is going to make it one.

Come and explore with us God’s passion for oneness. Let’s explore together the miracle of God’s radical plan to make all things one and let’s rejoice in His unrelenting love for His people, His bride – the church. God is passionate about our oneness. Are you?